Coastal Minded in the Mountains

If you know me you know obsessed with an understatement when talking about my love for my home city of Virginia Beach, VA. Leaving the salty air and sand to head toward mountain air and dirt was a pretty big transition for me. However, once reaching James Madison University the adjustment was not so hard.

Being from the beach you learn how to literally go with the flow and relax, and I quickly learned that that is something that is very hard to do when you're in college. When you surround yourself with the right people and find yourself doing something you love it makes it easier. As a communications major it can be hard to relax and hard to really "go with the flow" especially when dealing with multiple clients and different people. A way that I keep focused and I keep calm is just to think back to my roots and think about my beach town to center in. When I find this calmness and serenity, I can do anything.

This semester I believe I am lucky because my account team and our client are such wonderful people and we work together so well, I don't ever find myself needing that second to channel my inner beach. However, I can offer a few tips to those who may not be from the beach, but are looking for that coastal mindset, or that minute of "chill".

Surround yourself with coastal things, etc: candles, maybe make your phone or laptop background a beach or island. For me, I have a flip flop key chain on my car keys. Sometimes I even play island music or reggae in my car rides to help me find some peace, music can really make all the difference. Maybe if you are stressed or need help sleeping the sound of the ocean or seagulls can help soothe your stress. Whatever way you choose to find your inner beach, make sure you take that time to unwind, relax, and focus back in on what you set your mind to.

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