Capturing and Connecting

Capturing Photos

As an owner of a photography business, I have seen the various ways photos connect people together. My mission as a photographer is to make my clients feel loved, worthy, and valued. Providing a way for clients to feel beautiful in their own skin is a feeling like no other. Below are a few samples of the photos that I shot and edited.

Connecting People Through Photos in Public Relations

At James Madison University, I have learned about the benefits of distributing messages visually. In my opinion, capturing images and communicating through photos are a big part of public relations. One advantage of photographs in public relations is the development of stronger relationships with clients and key publics. In the lens of public relations, photographs can construct a good reputation, present goodwill, and heighten understanding. Through images, a universal and shared meaning can be constructed between key publics and clients. It can help an organization relate to others, draw a sense of community, and bring back memories.

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