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Bye-Bye Bluestone

Oh, how time has flown! I am writing this blog with less than two weeks until graduation. It seems absurd that some of the greatest four years of my life can be reduced to one diploma.

If diplomas could talk, mine would surely have a fantastic story to tell. In fact, I think my diploma would tell its’ story as a short “I am” poem:

I am a trusty pair of goggles in Godwin Hall

I wonder “Is my audio working?” on the group Zoom meeting

I hear friendly conversations at UREC’s front desk

I see needles and thread in the East Campus Library

I want steaming cups of coffee in the Ice House


As I reflect on my four years at JMU, I am filled with so much gratitude and joy. The university has given me so many unique experiences that I will cherish forever. However, one of the greatest and most influential experiences during my time here was working at Bluestone Communications.

This organization has allowed me to develop my professional skills while also creating a space for me to be innovative and dynamic in my work. After my first semester at Bluestone, I wasn’t sure I wanted to reapply because I wasn’t confident enough in my abilities. My Account Executive during that time called me on the phone and suggested that I take her position after she left. She saw something in me that I didn’t know existed. I was scared, but I gave it a shot. Our account projects were tedious, but it was rewarding to see tangible results.

After 4 months as an Account Executive, I mustered up enough confidence in myself to apply for Firm Director. I was selected for this position and I can honestly say that it has been one of the greatest roles I have taken on at JMU. I have been able to see 32 other students develop professionally and gain confidence in their abilities as well. I have also seen beautiful friendships and team dynamics blossom because of the environment that this firm has created.

Bluestone Communications is more than just a public relations firm, it’s a family. To my fellow Bluestonians– I advise you to be confident in yourselves and take advantage of the positive environment that is Bluestone Communications. And as many have said before me, Once a Bluestonian, Always a Bluestonian.

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