Budweiser's Giving Up Clydesdales & Puppies for Vaccines at Super Bowl LV.

Some watch the big game for football, some watch for the commercials, but almost all watch for both. Many folks' favorite part of the Super Bowl are the commercials, and there's no company more tried and true when it comes to Super Bowl ads than Budweiser. Surprisingly, Budweiser has put sociality goals over ad popularity this year for the big game, exhibiting admirable Corporate Social Responsibility.

For the past 37 consecutive years, Budweiser company has produced some of the all-time nationwide favorite ads. Budweiser is breaking that streak to take part in something bigger. Instead of spending the funds, it takes to produce and purchase ad space, Budweiser is relocating those funds to support COVID-19 vaccines awareness and education.

Budweiser would have been spending roughly 5.5 million dollars, which is what a 30-second ad space typically costs, according to Erin Mcdonald of Business Insider, in an ad for Super Bowl 55. Budweiser has purchased ad space airtime this year, but it’s being spread out throughout the year rather than used for just the duration of the Super Bowl. Budweiser donated some of this airtime to the Ad Council and COVID-19 Collaborative’s Vaccine Education Initiative.

Budweiser is taking a chance on removing themselves from the cluster of companies that tend to always have ads by doing something for the greater good. Budweiser is taking the funds that they typically utilize for Super Bowl ads and investing them in vaccine awareness, which not only benefits society at large but is also a genius way to boost the Budweiser brand.

This campaign is a CSR milestone for Budweiser. The main idea behind CSR is for large corporations, such as Budweiser, to seek other pro-social objectives accompanied by maximizing the company's profits. While Budweiser isn’t promoting themselves in the Super Bowl this year, them being selfless and thinking about the state the world is in right now and putting action towards fixing it, is the best way to market their brand.

People now know that Budweiser truly cares about the world and wants to help which is publicity that will gain them fans for life. This campaign also helps carve a path towards greater profit by selling products. Budweiser donating the couple million to COVID vaccine awareness will hopefully persuade society into getting the vaccine, resulting in COVID numbers declining and restaurant and bar openings increasing. The more people get the vaccine, the more beer Budweiser will sell. It’s a win-win situation which is the key idea behind CSR


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