Breaking 'Senioritis'

To be frank, I decided to write this blog to quite literally inspire myself. As a spring semester senior, I have been in a constant cycle of job hunting, resume building, and cover letter writing while juggling school and extracurriculars. It seems like these past 4 years have truly flown by, and I am hoping that I’ve done enough to secure a job offer come summer 2021.

I had the generic "senioritis" my senior year of high school, but that was primarily due to a lack of care to finish out the eight hour school day after already being accepted into college. I don’t know if I necessarily can say I have that level of “senioritis” today, but the feeling of balancing so much on top of undergraduate studies can feel heavy at times.

I think I enjoy being under stress. I create some of my best work when under stress. Being a senior, I am currently in only two classes while working for Bluestone, so my course load is not very intense at the moment. Maybe that is where I am feeling my version of “senioritis.” Don’t get me wrong- I’m grateful for my light course load. It is just a very different change of pace for me.

I have truly enjoyed my four years at JMU and wouldn’t take back anything, but my motivation level has hit a low. I think this is due to a multitude of things; the biggest being the pandemic we have all been facing together the past 10+ months. At times, it seems like I’ve been living the same week over and over again.

Routines are fantastic, but sometimes I need a change of pace to get my motivation back, and I am sure many others are feeling the same. This past week, I have been trying to get out of my unmotivated state that I’ve been in. I decided to commit to going to the gym more, getting more hours at my part-time job outside of school, and trying to talk to my roommates more. These small things have been adding up and helping me tremendously and have gotten me into a healthier routine.

Being months away from graduating, leaving the comfort of my college town, and suddenly becoming a full blown adult is quite daunting. All my years of schooling are actually ending. That is mind-boggling to think about. I’m excited and anxious for a whole new start, but sad to be leaving. All these emotions hitting me at once have been very confusing.

One thing that has benefited me in feeling prepared about graduating and job searching is finding comfort with friends and family outside of my immediate circle, such as talking to friends who have graduated, found their way, and are managing. I find comfort in knowing it’ll be okay.

It’s all about affirmations: It’s only February, the warmer months are coming, exciting personal-growth opportunities will come to me, and I will continue to strive to be the best I can be no matter what. Oh, and I will kick senioritis' butt.

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