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Bluestone Communications Hosts JMU Alumni Bruce Kaufman

PGA Tour Director of Broadcasting Bruce Kaufman graciously presented to Bluestone Communications via Zoom on Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021. Kaufman shared with us his experiences, skills and knowledge in the sports industry. As a 1984 JMU Alumni, he also reflected on his wonderful time at JMU, recalling that where the convocation center now is, was a mud-pit back in his time.

As Kaufman emersed himself in a vast array of opportunities, he believes that his internships while at JMU were what made him interested and later successful in the sports field. He recalled his experience with WRC radio station in Washington D.C., working all day and night on weekends, to which he gave us the advice of, “If you find something you’re interested in, you have to go for it.”

During the workshop, Kaufman emphasized that sports entertainment is classified as a relationships business. He suggests that having relationships as you go along through life, as well as building new relationships, is essential to success in this industry. Building a network of connections will give you the ability to call someone whenever you need something. The industry at hand is very rigorous, but Kaufman stated, “Don’t stop looking, exhaust your resources and your network. Just because an employer doesn’t have an opening today, doesn’t mean there won’t be one tomorrow or next week.”

Kaufman shared his many learning experiences through being a director of broadcasting for the PGA tour. The first being he is always multi-tasking in his role. It has required everything he’s learned at JMU and from his experiences, and requires him to continue learning each and every day.

On the topic of life after college and the job search, Kaufman stated, “It’s perfectly natural to be afraid and nervous. You’re possibly going to move to a place where you don’t know a soul after college, but through this, you learn how to introduce yourself, you learn how to make friends, you learn how to build relationships.”

As a student minoring in Sport Communications, this presentation fulfilled a new sense of encouragement to continue getting involved, and never give up. From Kaufman, I have learned many things, but what I deem most important is that getting involved has no endpoint. Life is about continuing and growing through each opportunity.

A final quote from Kaufman that deeply resonated with me, “You never know when you’re going to get that opportunity, you never know when that door will open. You’re being prepared for that moment, when it comes, grab it by the horns and go.”

Thank you, Bruce Kaufman.

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