Black History Month: A Time to Be Unapologetically Black

As a young Black woman, I am often underestimated. However, I know my talents, and I know my strengths. For one, I am an excellent writer, and I aspire to write a book one day. Thankfully, Bluestone Communications has provided me with an environment where I can fully express myself and my skills. In addition, I truly think we are taking steps forward as a firm in terms of diversity.

When I think of Black History Month, I think of a month-long opportunity to unapologetically spread blackness across our country. At this time, the most efficient way is through social media, where Black artists, musicians, writers and more can express themselves and promote their work. With this said, I would love to take this opportunity to highlight some of the Black artists that I think are making a positive impact on society while being unapologetically comfortable in their own skin:


  • SZA

  • H.E.R.

  • Ari Lennox

  • Masego, Smino


  • Tim Okamura (IG: @timokamura)

  • Paul Lewin (IG: @paullewinart)

  • Monica Ikegwu (IG: @monica165)

  • Lex Ash (IG: @thelexash)

  • William Ukoh (IG: @willyverse)


  • Angela Davis

  • Brittney Cooper

  • Michelle Alexander

  • Maya Angelou

  • Assata Shakur

It is also worth noting the way anyone with social media can play a part in promoting Black musicians, artists and writers. There are endless hashtags out there (#BlackHistoryMonth, #blackartistsmatter, #blackexcellence, #blackpride, etc.), and simply using them in correspondence with support for the Black community shows solidarity in the action being taken. As February comes to a close, I recommend you follow the Black creatives mentioned above as a start, and go out and do your own research! If you do or do not identify as Black, it will be an enriching experience to see all the wonderful work the Black community produces.

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