Being The Change

Broken down, in the simplest form, public relations is defined by two terms: deliverables, and relationships. In PR, both of these terms are coexistent and dependent on one another. Without deliverables, your relationships with your publics cannot be improved. Without understanding your relationships, you cannot accurately create effective deliverables. At the end of the day, it’s about the impact your deliverables have on your publics.

Impact is a bold word. It means making great change, and to do that, it sometimes means taking risks. PR is an impact; impacting how publics view concepts/ideas, how publics feel, and how publics act. In that order (view, feel, act), change can exist; just like how recruitment videos can make people want to join an organization (like the ones I made for my sorority this year).

Creating those deliverables that make an impact is my dream. Apple campaigns—for a phone, or a tablet, or a watch—have the power to pull at my heartstrings, yet it’s just for a product? Why is that? Because they know their publics. They understand how they’re motivated, and what they want to see. They impacted me by their deliverable because they knew my relationship with the company. And someday, I want to be on the other side: the one editing those videos; the one presenting the ad to the company; the one showing it to the public; the one making the impact.

What will your impact look like?

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