Baseball and Public Relations

Since I was young, I’ve been in love with baseball. My grandfather would take me to Baltimore Orioles’ games and tell me stories from when he was younger. He is the main reason I love the game so much. I knew when I was older I’d want to work in baseball.

I strayed away from that goal my first semester at JMU. I decided to major in business management. I had no interest towards that subject; I just chose it because that’s what most people do. That was my worst semester at JMU. I knew I couldn’t study something I don’t have any passion for. I made the switch to communications the next semester and haven’t looked back.

I decided to minor in sports communications which would help me inch closer to my goals. However, I struggled figuring out what my concentration should be. I didn’t want to be a generalist because it is too broad of a subject. It wasn’t until my sophomore year second semester that I figured it out. I was in SCOM 261, which is the basic Public Relations class and learned about the different aspects of public relations.

My favorite part of public relations is about media relations, community relations, and crisis management.

I’ve been working on media and community relations this year for Bluestone and have had a great time. I’ve always felt confident when dealing with a crisis and enjoy working through problems by myself or with a team.

My childhood dream and public relations came together when my teacher taught us about sports public relations. It uses all three of these branches of public relations and more. I knew right then that I wanted to do public relations. It would bring me closer to my dream of working for the Baltimore Orioles or even in Major League Baseball.

I’ve had so much fun working for Bluestone Communications this semester and getting a taste of what public relations is like in the real world. I’m excited to use my experiences here into my future job (hopefully) with the Baltimore Orioles.

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