5 Unique Perspectives on PR

Public Relations is a growing field and oftentimes it is hard to understand what it is and what we do as PR Practitioners. In short, Public Relations is the building of mutually beneficial relationships between stakeholders and an organization. Sounds confusing, right? That’s why we are going to share 5 fun perspectives on PR and what we do!

1. PR is like the Party Mix at a party. Working in the field of Public Relations is unpredictable. Every day looks different, which is a part of the job that many practitioners enjoy. PR Practitioners help organizations with a variety of subjects - including but not limited to, social media counseling, research, media relations, special event planning, and more. So yes, we are very different than advertising and marketing.

2. PR is never ending. While you have the ability to calculate the increase of followers on social media or the number of shares on a post, it is hard to measure the value of meaningful relationships that are built in the process, making PR a never ending task!

3. Practitioners have to adjust to unpredictability. PR Practitioners have to remain calm even when things are chaotic. They have to work efficiently because every day is important and time cannot be wasted when clients are counting on you to help them succeed. This is why priority management is so vital in what we do.

4. Simplicity is better in Public Relations. The FedEx Logo has been ranked one of the eight best logos in the past 35 years. You’re probably wondering why we would share this fact, and that is because it goes to show how important it is to be simple. Public Relations is all about the public, and everyone likes to see simplicity and consistency! Read more about it here:

5. Public Relations has been around forever and will most likely stay around forever. Many argue that PR is a new, up and coming field, however it has always been around, just without a title. Communication management goes back as far as 50 B.C. (

Public Relations is a unique field that is filled with so many variables to be taken into account. Call us crazy, but what’s not to love?

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