3 Skills after 3 Weeks of Interning

Experience is important in any profession you choose, and one I am lacking in the field of public relations. After three weeks of my internship, and only limited experience before that, I have found that the wall in front of me is high, but not insurmountable. Here are three skills that can help you if you have limit experience at a firm.

1) Physically write down everything you can.

Calendars, agendas, and note pads are all usefully tools that can help keep you on focused and on schedule. I find it difficult to keep track of important dates if given it all online, but by keeping a calendar by my desk I can easily see and plan out courses of action for each week. While in firm meetings it is ideal to have a pen and paper ready to write down plans that were discussed and to refer to if needed.

2) Network, network, network.

JMU’s professors do a great job of instilling the importance of communication onto their students. With early courses requiring communication focus, it is shown that communication is important for anything you do in life. The same has been emphasized while interning. Creating media lists can be the most useful tool a public relations practitioner has.

3) Speak up and ask questions.

For someone with little experience at a firm, there are a lot of moving parts. Do not be afraid to reach out to others to voice any concerns, comments, or questions. The more you understand what or why you are doing something, the more you will learn for interning.

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