3 (PR-minded) Ways to Take Advantage of Time in Quarantine…

It’s easy to get cabin fever in the midst of social distancing and protocols to stay home when every day can feel like the previous one. Here are three simple ways I avoid boredom, keep my spirits up and make the most of the COVID pandemic…

1. Enjoy the outdoors.

Even if it’s just morning coffee on the porch or lunch with the windows open, fresh air and sun on my skin always put me in a positive mood- especially because I know that some day, we wont have the same opportunity during a normal weekday and work schedule. We will once again be working from offices and classrooms.

This small, simple act of stepping outside relates to how, in PR, attention to small details can lead to success. For example, when writing a press release, we should keep in mind the unique interests and habits of target audiences to ensure our words relate to them. Such little details can make the difference between a vague, general message and a thoughtful, passionate interaction.

2. Brush up on an old skill… or learn a new one!

Drawing and painting have always been some of my favorite hobbies. However, as a busy college student, I don't often get the chance to sit down and put my artistic side to use. This pandemic has allowed me to pick up that brush/pencil and practice different techniques I never usually have time to try.

For PR, it’s especially important to always be improving our skills so that we can adapt to changing times and/or expectations for communicating with our audiences. Whether it’s writing, researching or even engaging, PR practitioners should always try to develop ourselves as individuals and professionals.

3. Plan something to consistently look forward to.

Maybe it’s something familiar to give you comfort or something new to give you excitement and adventure. I usually plan a tasty new meal to cook or a different hiking spot I have not yet seen. The key here is consistency in planning these activities so that you have regular, positive expectations in your routine.

When applying this concept of consistency to PR, we can consider how, for example, engaging with target audiences and influencers on a regular basis can improve relationships and campaign effectiveness. If we are consistent with interactions like commenting on social media posts or showing support in other ways, we show our audiences that our relationship is mutual and sincere.

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