3 Email Newsletters That Keep Me Informed, PR Engaged, and Professional

The Public Relations industry is always evolving and as emerging PR professionals, we must learn to adjust to its ebb and flow. Over time, I have found that the best and easiest way to achieve this is through concise and informative email newsletters. They allow me to easily get caught up on the latest news and learn something new all while still in line at Starbucks.


Being informed about what is happening in the world around you is a crucial skill that should almost be second nature in our field. The Skimm is a daily newsletter that aims to “make it easier to live smarter”. It is well-rounded and covers a national/global news and issues as well as pop culture. Each newsletter is about a three-minute read and starts off with a quote a quote of the day that relates to a timely current event. Then, there are about four snippets of a story with links to other articles and background information. The Skimm also gives recommendations on their favorite products and a lot of other fun and interactive content and even sweepstakes. What The Skimm does so well is not only cover everything you need to know when starting your day but also breaks everything down in a way that is easier to understand. This newsletter has truly helped me be a more informed individual and provides me with the confidence to join in on conversations about current events, pop culture, and politics that I would not have participated in before.


Staying knowledgeable about current PR trends and skills while still in school is the perfect way to stay ahead of the game. Our professors do an amazing job of preparing us for the workforce but reading current industry blogs are also really useful. I subscribe to Meltwater’s blog where I receive an email every day with a preview about an article. All of the posts are very informative and relevant to my major and have also provided me with useful information I have been able to apply to my schoolwork and my internship. Some of my favorite articles have been “Psychology of Social Media: The Science Behind Why People Share Online”, “Writing a Press Release? 8 Awesome Tools That Will Help”, and the social Sidekick posts that give a guide for each month’s social holidays, themes, and noteworthy events for use on social media accounts. I am very passionate about PR and Meltwater’s blog provides me with more knowledge and insights to become a stronger student and intern.


Business professionalism and etiquette is important no matter what career you are planning on pursuing. Learning about resumes, interviews, business cards, and personal branding is no small feat but having guidance that comes in your inbox every week sure makes it easier. The Brand Girls sends out a newsletter every Monday and usually has a theme relating to professional development and provides tips on topics like career fairs. You can even find free templates for your resume! The newsletter also features networking events, job postings, and student profiles about internship experience. This newsletter has given me the tools and advice I need to continue to brand myself. It appeals to college girls and the experiences we are going through right now. Its relevant content has helped me stay confident in my job search and college journey.

The value of email newsletters is sometimes overlooked but they are a great tool that can help you stay informed, PR engaged, and professional. They are my favorite emails in my inbox because that are quick reads that add value not only to my day but also to my career.

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