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Event Planning

Matchbox Realty Case Study


Matchbox Realty is a property management company in Harrisonburg that works mainly with student housing.  Due to a change in a privacy policy at James Madison University, companies no longer have access to student emails.  This change poses a risk to Matchbox Realty and their main form of communication used to interact with and inform the students about their off campus housing facilities.


Our team aided Matchbox in organizing, planning and implementing a branded tailgate tent at a JMU home football game. Most freshmen students have not lived on their own before and seek assistance from their parents.  Parents who want their children to live in a trustworthy place are known to be in high attendance at football tailgates. A social media campaign was executed the week before such as posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, along with emailing current residents as well.  Informational brochures were created to give to parents and students who visited the tent. There were games and activities that students could participate in and win a prizes as well as free merchandise for students who filled out a quick questionnaire where they provided their student emails.


The turnout was more than expected at the tailgate.  The branded materials, games and music helped create traffic and buzz around the tent. Matchbox representatives had the opportunity to speak with students about housing options and get student emails in order to increase the awareness among freshman students.  Matchbox Realty was able to acquire 165 student emails by the end of the event.

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