Rice Geologic Case Study


Rice Geologic had no visual footprint. Mr. Rice requested Bluestone's services to design a logo and create a beautiful website. Mr. Rice also wanted us to include a logo to symbolize the Rice family and incorporate the words "water", "mining" and "environmental".


In terms of the website, Mr. Rice gave us one requirement. The website must be optimized for search engines.  


Design a logo for Mr. Rice featuring a canoe. The canoe symbolizes the Rice family and the fun they have while canoeing in the summer. After sketching and fine tuning, our team created a circular logo for Rice Geologic. The final logo was also created in all white and all black so it can be placed on different color backgrounds.


We weren't provided many guidelines for the website, so we were able to flex our creativity and knowledge of user interface to provide Mr. Rice with a beautiful website that is informative and easy to navigate. The website features scenic pictures, hover features, a simple version of the logo and a cohesive and clean client page. In addition, the website is fully optimized for search engines.


Check out the final logo and mobile-friendly website at Our client and team are thrilled with the way it turned out and wish Mr. Rice the most success with his business.


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