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Blauch Brothers

Serving the Shenandoah Valley, Blauch Brothers provides all commercial HVAC, piping, and plumbing services. Blauch Brothers is committed to investing in the overall safety and well-being of their employees.

The Challenge

Blauch Brothers, Inc., a comprehensive mechanical contracting company, wanted to revamp their brand, increase awareness about their services to attract new customers in the Winchester, VA plumbing market, and recruit experienced HVAC technicians to join their team. 

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Bluestone Implementations


During a time frame of three months, we helped our client enhance their social media presence by creating a well-organized content calendar. The calendar included videos, graphics, templates, and captions for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We also produced a brand video and company brochure for their website and social media, in addition to YouTube and Facebook ads highlighting various aspects of their business.

To increase brand awareness, we contacted over ten reporters in Harrisonburg and pitched two news releases. Additionally, we developed a comprehensive brand and SEO guide that would serve as a reference for our client.

The Results

Bluestone Communications laid a significant foundation for Blauch Brothers, Inc.'s social media actions and achieved substantial success during the semester. Our efforts led to an 83.03% increase in Facebook reach and a 75.71% increase in engagement on LinkedIn. Additionally, our recruitment actions brought in 24 applications from potential employees.


Furthermore, our media relations endeavors resulted in positive responses from multiple reporters, leading to two media placements for Blauch Brothers, Inc. This is an excellent achievement for the company and resulted in increased exposure and awareness in their target market.

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